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Welcome to Centerton AR!

Posted On 09 Dec 2017
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Located in Benton County Arkansas, which is also home to the Walmart corporate headquarters, located in the county seat of Bentonville, Centerton Arkansas is a friendly community that features some of the best of both worlds, small town America and good opportunities and great jobs in the nearby area. Its population of around 10,000, at the last census in 2010, consisted of around 79% white, 13% Hispanic or Latino, 3.5% Black, 2.3% Asian, 1.2% Native American and the rest were of Pacific Island and other origins. According to recent surveys, approximately 72% of the population are married in comparison to smaller statistics in other parts of the country and therefore there also a great many children living here so it is deemed to be a very family-friendly place to live. Like many of the southern states, Arkansas lies in the heart of the country’s Bible Belt so like many of the surrounding towns, Centerton residents are predominantly Protestant.

centertonCovering a land mass of approximately 4 square miles, the city is part of the Springdale–Rogers, AR-MO Metropolitan Statistical Area and geographically, it lies 21 miles north of Fayetteville and 96 miles east of Tulsa in the nearby state of Oklahoma. Benton County itself was formed on 30 September 1836 and was named after Thomas Hart Benton, a U.S. Senator from Missouri. The region has a humid subtropical climate overall as the state of Arkansas is close enough to the Gulf of Mexico for it to be influenced by this mass body of warm water without actually bordering it.

This means that there are generally hot, humid summers with temperatures reaching above 90°F, while winters are often mild with lows of around 51 °F in the colder months like January and snowfall is uncommon in most parts of the state. Rainfall averages between forty and sixty inches annually with the southern part of the start experiencing wetter weather than the north however, Arkansas is also prone to extreme weather and frequent storms across the state. This makes the climate somewhat unpredictable with residents experiencing everything from hail, snow and ice storms to thunderstorms and tornadoes with up to 60 days of thunderstorms including tropical weather conditions that spawn hurricanes and tornadoes. In fact, some of the most devastating hurricanes ever to hit the US, have caused wide scale destruction in this particular state, despite being a reasonable distance from the more vulnerable coastal areas. In 2006, a tornado hit the area with great force destroying 40 homes and causing severe damage to 150 other properties while a dozen people were also injured when it struck in March of that year.

The state’s economy relies considerably on tourism these days although agricultural also employs a fair amount of residents from the city of Centerton and surrounding area with rice, broilers, and turkeys among the top produce. It also ranks third in the country for cotton, pullets, and aquaculture products like cat fish. Forestry and limber production were also responsible for large employment numbers in the region while recent years have seen a rise in automobile parts manufacturers in the eastern part of the state which has assisted the economy too.

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