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Education facilities in Centerton

Posted On 10 Dec 2017
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If you are a parent who has recently moved to the city of Centerton, in Arkansas then you may want to know more about educational facilities in the area so you can enroll your child in a nearby school. The region has an excellent public education system for both elementary and secondary age groups that is administered by the Bentonville School District.

Older children who are in the latter stages of the education system would be placed in Bentonville High School which has excellent records for student graduation and was recognized in 2011 with an AP District of the year Award. This is no mean feat either as it was chosen from 388 U.S public school districts including two others also in the state of Arkansas. centerton-educationIt is the only high school in the district and offers a comprehensive curriculum that provides for 3400 children from grades nine through to twelve and it is also one of the oldest having been founded over a century ago in 1910. The current school principal – Kim Garrett – has served in this position for over three years now since her appointment in 2009. The school was also approved in 2007 as an International Baccalaureate World School and in addition received the National Blue ribbon School award in the same year. In addition the school was ranked in the top 1000 best high schools in the nation an incredible six times between 2003 and 2012 by Newsweek Magazine. More recently, the curriculum was changed from that of a traditional high school to that of an academy or what is classed as am SLC, a small learning community. This comprehensive program has proved to be very successful and has yielded increasing grade results above the national average but it also has a comprehensive arts and sports programs to encourage recreational as well as educational pursuits. These include choral and band programs as well as a wide variety of physical activities such as athletics, swimming, golf, football, soccer, volleyball and tennis.

For those with younger children, Centerton’s Gamble Elementary School is also situated in the city serving children of kindergarten age through to fourth grade. However if you have older children who are about to graduate and want to know more about college facilities in the area then the University of Arkansas has 6 campuses across the state – at Little Rock, at Monticello, at Pine Bluff, at Fort Smith, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Fayetteville which has over 188 students enrolled in a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs and is located in Fayetteville. This state university was originally founded as Arkansas Industrial University back in the 1870’s and it still has a strong curriculum for architecture and agriculture, especially the latter. This is in part due to the region’s history for farming and produce so not surprisingly animal science and poultry science are among the most popular subjects studied here.

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