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Centerton Hiking Trails

Posted On 10 Dec 2017
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The city of Centerton lies deep in the heart of Benton County and is surrounded by high mountains and deep valleys which make it an ideal base for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits such as hiking as there are many beautiful trails to choose from. Whether you are a seasoned hiker who wants to pick up the pace on one of the more challenging award-winning trails in the area or simply want to commune with nature by taking a leisurely stroll along one of the many stream flowing among the flora and fauna along, there are a variety of options available to suit all levels and experience.

The wonders of nature are truly a sight to behold especially in the Arkansas highlands where the Orzaks have dominated the landscape for centuries. These were formed from a heavily eroded plateau and shaped by the numerous streams that have been trickling through the area for millennia. hiking-in-centertonFor those who prefer a trail that presents more of a challenge, there are several mountainous trials that run through and around the mountain range including the Pig Trail that is situated among the rugged and forested Boston Mountains of the Orzarks. Much of the trail is overgrown and hikers may find themselves regularly combating tunnels of foliage especially during the spring, summer and fall however nature lovers are most drawn to the area when the spring wildflowers come into bloom and again to view the beautiful autumn colors that briefly illuminate the landscape at the end of the summer before winter descends. This route also incorporates the Mulberry River and part of the Orzark Highland Trail. The latter is a 165 mile route that passes through a rough stretch of forest land but it is also where five of the region’s main tributaries begin including the White, Buffalo and Kings Rivers. The Sylamore Scenic Byway also runs through the Ozark National Forest for 26.5 miles and is a very picturesque route winds through a forest of white oaks and clusters of shortleaf pine trees. It is set against a backdrop of limestone cliffs and has some magnificent mountain views.

For those who may find hiking an overly energetic way to explore the countryside, then you may prefer to get around the area by car or motor cycle and there are also several scenic drive routes that will enable you to discover all the natural beauty and diversity that this state has to offer. In Eastern Arkansas you will find the Great River Road (Arkansas) and Crowley’s Ridge Parkway while the Arkansas Scenic 7 runs the length of the state in a north-south direction from Harrison to Louisiana, with truly spectacular views of the Ozark and Ouachita mountains along the way. The Boston Mountains Scenic Loop is also comprised of two byways – U.S. 71 and Interstate 540 – that both offer differing experiences, one of which includes a drive through the highest part of the Ozark mountain range. The Ark. 309/Mount Magazine Scenic Byway also provides travelers with the opportunity to take in high altitudes and includes the state’s highest mountain peak.

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