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Markets around Centerton

Posted On 10 Dec 2017
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Many of Centerton’s local residents and a lot of visitors to the city also will enjoy a trip to one of the many markets held regularly in the area. There are several wonderful Farmer’s Markets which provide a real insight into local produce, arts and crafts which are great just to have a browse around either as a tourist looking for some authentic local goods to bring back as a gift for friends and family or a resident opting for a fresh alternative to traditional grocery shopping.

farmers-market-centertonThe city’s Farmer’s Market in held at Centerton City Hall Park every Friday and Saturday from 7am in the morning until 1pm in the afternoon from April through to October. During this period, the local rural community of farmers and artisans come to the area twice weekly to sell their produce that includes a variety of home grown fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a wide selection of baked goods like pies and cookies as well as homemade preserves like jelly and pickles. Pastured beef and poultry products including fresh eggs and milk are also widely available for sale and a visit to one of these local farmer’s markets is one of the best ways to support the local community. Aside from the health benefits of eating fresh fruit, vegetable and animal products, not only will you taste the difference but you can also rest assured that all money made from these products will go directly back to the farmers and local Centerton residents.

This also allows farmers with a convenient way to sell any excess crops that will in turn prevent waste and also top up their profits. Many local families – who are fortunate enough to have gardens large enough in which to grow fruit and vegetables – can also use the farmers market as a commercial platform to sell their products and add some extra cash to the family’s budget. In Centerton there are thirty six spaces allotted for participants to display their wares with each measuring around 10×15. These are available for the duration at $10 a time for each Friday and Saturday market day but vendors must have advance approval and a related permit before they can sell food (fresh or baked goods) which must be purchased from the Benton County Health Department. No vehicles are allowed in the park so both vendors and consumers are encouraged to arrive on foot and no tables or electricity – generators are totally prohibited – is supplied for the display or upkeep of goods so participants should provide their own tables etc to exhibit their goods.

The closest farmers market outside of the city if Centerton is in nearby Bentonville’ and this is held on Saturday mornings in the town square and while this is considerably smaller in comparison there are other advantages that make it worth the trip. It is in a downtown location close to the districts main shopping area and just one block away from David Peel Park where Dad can keep the younger kids entertained while Mom explores what the local farms have to offer.

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