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Mayes Plumbing & Heating Inc

Posted On 03 Dec 2017
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Mayes Plumbing & Heating IncHistory
Mayes Plumbing was founded by Kenny Mayes in 1977. Along with help of his wife Debbie and no borrowed money for start up, they slowly built the company we have today, out of their home. By being dependable, good at the work he was doing and attention to detail, Kenny built a strong customer base.

He started his career in this field through the Navy Reserve job training program after his enlistment was up. After working with a plumbing company in Charleston, South Carolina he moved back to Arkansas to start his apprenticeship. He worked for Phillips Plumbing and Fayetteville Plumbing. Along the way, he spent his spare time learning the HVAC trade by volunteering to help HVAC technicians after work and on the weekends. From there, he decided to start his own company specializing in service type work with doors being opened 24 hours a day.The business steadily grew and more employees were added, along with more equipment and facilities. However, as we continue to grow as a company, we strive to remain as a family oriented, continuining to be the best at what we do. As Kenny and Debbie slowly back down from what they were doing, their son Nathan has continued to move the company forward with the help of his sister, Jaymee and wife, Kari.

Mission & Vision
We at Mayes Plumbing and Heating Services go above and beyond all plumbing and heating service companies on our repairs. We evaluate the problem and make upgrades to help our customers keep from having problem again by utilizing quality products selected from large pool of suppliers.We are here to help and will not walk away from any job. Our team of talented and highly-trained professionals are poised in ensuring your homes as well as your commercial buildings are back in order. From concrete repairs, haul off debris, sheetrock repairs, flooring, painting, metal structure work, landscaping, flood, smoke alarming to mention but a few, count on us to get the job done. We proud ourselves as specialized in works others walk away from and solve out problems other can’t.

Our staff is composed of talented, highly-trained, experienced professional plumbers and HVAC technicians. We help our clients decide options for repairs including re-routing of plumbing if needed, proper sizing of AC equipment and offer professional advice on various plumbing and heating works. We also offer after-service help to our clients, teaching them how to use the newly installed products and pointing our possible future problems.

Our range of work includes, any plumbing repair, drain cleaning, water jet cleaning, camera work, line locating, leak location, excavation, haul off, septic repair, septic install, repair to all models and sizes of water heaters including boilers, no flame copper pipe repairs on any size, tubing, RPZ testing, Grease trap and septic plumbing, steam shower repairs, Pool heaters replace furnace and AC work any make or model, duct work, repair, replace, addition, hydraulic heating repairs, circulating pumps, severe pumps, sump pumps. We will work on anything and if we can’t fix it we will find someone who will.

Heating & Air Duct Services
Rund and Carrier product, also able to supply any brand on Market for repair or replacement. Full sheet metal shop to fabricate duct of any size

Plumbing supplies
We can supply any product available as we work with multiple suppliers to find the right product for your needs. By using these suppliers we can offer the best price and longest lasting material available. Moen, Delta, Rheem water heaters, Nibco valves and fittings, also Wolveine brass and many others. We provide most American make.

Our shop has equipment on hand to perform any excavation work. Complete from concrete cutting, hand off and back fill. Concrete replacement available through us also. Equipement for larger excavation work also available on the ready for holes deeper than 10 feet with short notice.

New Construction And Add-Ons
We can and will do any new work or remodel even though we specialize in repair. From small homes to large commercial and industrial application. By using us for such work you will have a contractor that can be contacted if any repairs or problems occur with your plumbing or AC system 24hrs a day.

Installation Services
Our Installation services include trenchless pipe repair or replacement by pipe bustling and point repair of sewages also availability to directional boring machines for water and gas lines.

Contact Us
Mayes Plumbing & Heating Inc.
3730 S. Carley Road
Springdale, AR 72762
Email: mayesplumbing@gmail.com


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